About BSC

We are here to bring a voice and presence to all local sport affiliates. We are here to be a support group not just at games but active in the community as well. We are a registered non-profit and hope you will join us! The club was founded by a Bellingham resident named Errien who was dubbed “Hooligan Ron” after the showcase of passion for the recently formed Bellingham United FC. He has a passion for all sports and hopes to spread that passion throughout the county supporting the local teams and bettering the community. He has been actively involved in youth sports all his life including coaching many teams and discovered Bellingham while serving in the US NAVY, stationed in Bremerton. After completing his service, he moved to Bellingham and has been here since. We are just getting started but hope to have more and more functions formed throughout the coming years. Some ideas we have include food drives, golf tournaments, and any other fund and awareness raising to support Whatcom County. Stay tuned and check our site often for all updates and news. Even better, join the Bellinghammers Supporters Club by purchasing a membership and you’ll receive the newsletters with all the upcoming events and news! Join us in supporting local sports and activities. Let’s change our motto from “the city of subdued excitement” to “the city of excitement and passion!”

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